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There is a Port Aventura for children and a Port Aventura for adults. Enjoy it!.

Port Aventura for children: some tips:

  • 1. If you go with children under 10-11 years old (teenagers are another story), stay in the hotels that are near the Park (there are quite a few, and even one within the Park itself). After an intense day of attractions, you won't be wanting to stroll or enjoy the surroundings (for example Salau).
  • 2. If you go with children plan a minimum of three to four days to see the Park. The distances are quite considerable and they will tire. Do not exhaust them ...
  • 3. A good idea is to alternate between the Caribe Aquatic Park and the rest of the Park (either between mornings and afternoons or on alternate days). This way the children (and perhaps you) will recover from the walks.
  • 4. Another interesting idea is to combine the attractions of the shows (sitting) since there are excellent ones and to a great extent they distract children more than the machines themselves.
  • 5. The park controls whether or not a child can ride an attraction due to height. They have a "rod" to measure. But not because of age. If your child is very tall for his age, be careful, he may be impressed by some of the attractions he rides on, especially if he is psychologically unprepared.
  • 6. Do not rule out fleeing the park, especially if you have gone in your own car, at lunch and dinner. Port Aventura is very close to Cambrills, one of the best gastronomic centers in all of Catalonia, and of course Tarragona, with excellent seafood, fish, rice, etc. (See restaurants on the Costa Dorada below).
  • 7. If you stay in the park, find out about the possibilities. Plan. Try to go during off-peak hours to the most successful attractions, use your daily express pass (avoid queues) wisely. If you come out on a sunny or hot day ... go for the most landscaped areas ... Avoid the Chinese food in the Park ...
  • 8. Lastly, what children like is perhaps what older people like best, so enjoy! And if you have any better advice to share, write us !!!

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