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How dumb we humans are! We believe that forgiving our "enemies" is an act of generosity. Rather, it is the opposite. Forgiveness is a selfish attitude, it is absolutely decisive for our physical and mental health. Robin S. Sharma rightly points out that it is not smart to carry an enemy on your back all your life.

The status of "enemy" will give you many opportunities in your mind. It will appear at inopportune moments, in your home, in your family, in your work, in your dreams ... It will promote a multitude of negative thoughts that will be recreated in your mind: revenge, envy, resentment ...

Forget it, forgive it. Be happy, let your life pass positively the margin of petty thoughts that should not have a place in your mind. Have no enemies.

Imagine the people who have made things worse for us. Have we stopped to think for a moment the reasons that induce this to proceed? Perhaps we in his skin would have acted in the same way or worse. Sometimes we ignore that behind each person there is a difficult childhood, complicated personal circumstances ... If we are lucky that life has rewarded us with balance, honesty and many other virtues, this is fortunate. Let us be happy and grateful!

Learn to forgive pettiness, envy, anger, deception, lies, cowardice, hypocrisy, revenge, hatred, resentment, forgetfulness, distrust, greed, pride, contempt, disdain , humiliation, criticism ... In reality they are deficiencies, manifestations of a person that hurt us, but perhaps we should feel sorry for, rather than reproach. Remember that Spanish saying about the mean "Who does not give what he is worth, does not take what he wants"Too many cross have the petty ones who cannot expect anyone's generosity ... And so we could apply a thousand sayings to as many ...

How am I going to punish those poor sinners, ignorant like themselves, who know nothing? -said Jesus Christ with respect to his executors- Is there greater forgiveness? It is the strong who forgive, instead of recriminating or accusing the cultivation of enmity and resentment to the point of causing harm or damage.

The meaning of the word forgive is sacred in many religions. Jesus set the bar very high for us: he forgave his executioners "Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do" Or he invited us to turn "the other cheek". Why is it hard for us to forgive little things, little annoyances ...? Why are we feeding contempt, negative thoughts ...?

If you cannot forgive a person, the problem is with you. You will be the one who will pay the cost. If you have a negative thought about an enemy, think about what happens: anger, bad mood, frustration, anger, revenge, mental recreation of the situations that triggered the enmity ...? Sometimes this lasts for years and the subject is a family member, a close friend ... If the offense was serious, it hurt him ... the worse it will be the negative role that you will give him in your self, in your thoughts throughout your life ...

The art of forgiving: starting with empathy

Think that what will confuse your enemy the most is your forgiveness. If we have sometimes been undeservedly forgiven, our "enemy" has immediately placed himself above us. He has even probably made us feel guilty and we have thought of him as a person who has placed himself above petty thoughts and whose attitude brings him before our eyes to a height of view that puzzles us.

Practice forgiveness.You have to start working on it little by little. Think about the problem. Practice the empathy. Empathy is the effort we make to recognize and understand people's feelings and attitudes, as well as the circumstances that affect them at a given moment.. It is seeing the problem with the other person's eyes. This will be a great step in the art of forgiveness.

If you sincerely forgive, you will have taken a giant step toward the goal of think positively. Practicing forgiveness is wise.

And remember: the greater forgiveness, the more satisfaction and tranquility you will feel in your body and mind.

Proposed activities:

First day: Practice empathy. Thinking about the reasons or views of the "enemies"

Second day: Reflect with friends, relatives of "good judgment".

Third day: take a step to forgive. Start with the easiest. And continue until you dismiss all your enemies from the payroll of your mind!

Video: Lighten your load! Let it go. Forgiveness is an attribute of Strength. Forgive. Forget. Release.


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