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Those who are lucky enough to travel to the United States will find plenty of connections and flight offers in a space where many companies have operated for many years thanks to pioneering deregulation policies in this sector.

For this reason, finding cheap flights is not always an easy task. The same happens to those who, when traveling to Central America or the Caribbean, choose to cross and transfer in the space of the United States (Miami, West Coast ...). is a site that does not sell tickets, but publishes offers and shows the most information of interest to users looking for cheap flights in the United States. This allows to move in a country as immense as this one with substantial savings.

Despite the immense geography of the United States, it is possible to find fares as cheap or more as those of Ryanair or Easyjet -or other companies- in Europe. sends a weekly email with the most outstanding offers to all users who wish to do so.

Cheap flights to Latin America

Perhaps the most interesting thing for Europeans and Spaniards is that flying from the United States to Latin America can become an interesting option if we hire an advantageous flight offer. In this week's newsletter offers for example a “round-trip” Miami - Bogota - Rio - Montevideo - La Paz - Cuzco - Lima - Caracas - Miami ... for 1,499 dollars (about 1,200 euros) ... We are talking about crossing practically the entire continent from north to south.'s weekly newsletter says that you can still get great rates starting at $ 96 roundtrip. "If you book on the day you can save for example with AirTran for trips until November. Prices have dropped even further on America Airlines' discounts to the Caribbean that are now selling for $ 105 roundtrip. Book in advance and save with the incredible offer of roundtrip to Amsterdam 4 nights in a hotel with breakfast for only 399 dollars ”.

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