A windowless plane, the future of commercial aviation?

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A plane without windows shows us what the future of commercial aviation could look like. Instead of windows, OLED screens would be installed on the ceiling and on the walls of the plane (organic light-emitting diodes) that would project the views of the outside. But don't ever expect to see it come true.

Airlines don't they can neither they will carry out this change since it could considerably reduce their clientele. The idea is amazing and, while it is important that both technology and design companies innovate and try to go further, It doesn't seem possible that we will ever see this.

If slight turbulence could make more than one throw up, imagine what would happen if we saw the plane wobble while going through a storm. Perhaps the screens could be disabled, but then, we would not see anything. We would be in a windowless plane!


The video below talks about how practical it would be and the benefits of a windowless fuselage:

  • thinner walls
  • wider seats (space would be gained)
  • lower weight of the ship
  • save of fuel
  • lower carbon dioxide emissions

It seems that this is just a way of demonstrating everything that can be done, in the same way that it is the case with prototype cars. Although perhaps this technology could have a niche in a market niche, such as adventure travel, in the style of Virgin Galactic space flights.

Sure there are people who would love to have an experience like this, but those who think that one day all planes will be like this, let them come down from the clouds.

Source: http://flightclub.jalopnik.com/the-windowless-airplane-cabin-is-an-amazing-but-terribl-1651363084/+ballaban

Video: Are Windowless Planes The Future Of Flying?


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