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Adolescence is that state in which one can feel in limbo, because they are no longer a boy / girl, but they are not an adult either. Adolescence implies physical and emotional changes for adolescents themselves and also changes in family organization and relationships.

There are different stages in adolescence and each one brings with it its own peculiarities.

Adolescence looks very different depending on whether you are the teenager himself or if you are the mother or father of the teenager. To prepare this section, we have spoken to both groups. With teenagers experiencing seemingly opposing feelings of outright rage, or inordinate happiness, love or hate ... sometimes both in a matter of hours.

Adolescents who do not understand why people want to "control" them, who want more independence, who do not understand why their parents are irritated with so much happiness, who sometimes feel they are the owners of the world, and sometimes insecurity invades them. proud, or horrified, by the physical changes of puberty. Adolescents who find it difficult to concentrate, who get bored easily, who defy the establishment, be it their family or school, in order to challenge themselves.

And parents who sometimes feel like they don't know this "new" member of their family. That they long for the child from before. That they do not know, or do not want, to support the adolescent in his desire for greater independence.

Parents who fear losing control of the situation, fear the world of drugs and alcohol, do not share their teens' new values, and need to learn how to negotiate rules that are acceptable to all involved.

We hope this section is useful to everyone. The articles have been contributed by adolescents, mothers, fathers, young siblings of adolescents, professional experts and teachers who experience the problems of adolescence and the joys from one perspective or another.

By including everyone involved, we hope to offer advice and experiences that will help us all cope with adolescence and, why not, even enjoy it!

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