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For all lovers of the night, for those who are seduced by the mystery that it contains, I leave you these phrases that speak of it. Phrases at night.


A run is wonderful, but you can't cuddle with it on a cold night. (Marilyn Monroe)

Those who dream during the day are aware of many things that escape those who dream only at night. (Edgar Allan Poe)

The night is undoubtedly newer and less profane than the day. (Henry David Thoreau)

Sometimes I think that the night is more alive and richer in colors than the day. (Vincent van Gogh)

A dreamer is one who can only find his way in the light of the moon, and his punishment is that he sees the sunrise before the rest of the world. (Oscar Wilde)

No matter how dark the night is, anyway the sun rises once more and all the shadows are pushed out. (David Matthew)

If people sat watching the stars every night, I bet they would live a different way. (Bill Watterson)

The night is really the best time to work, all the ideas are there for you, because everyone is sleeping. (Catherine O'Hara)

The night is a world illuminated by itself. (Antonio Porchia)

My night has turned into a sunny dawn for you. (Ibn Abbad)

There is nothing like a night walk to give you ideas. (JK Rowling)

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