Google expands its cloud services for businesses

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At his Google Next 2020 congress, held in San Francisco in early March, Google CEO Eric Smidth revealed that the company has invested $ 30 billion in enhance your presence in the business cloud services industry.

Competitor services, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), continue to grow and Google does not want to be left behind in the race to dominate this lucrative business.

These are some of the improvements that they have already incorporated or will soon and with which Google intends to stand out from the competition.

1. Servers with the latest Intel processor: Skylake

Google claims that its cloud service is the only one to date that has upgraded its server processors to incorporate the latest model of Intel's processors, known as Skylake.

These processors provide a significant improvement in the performance of the servers, which is obviously reflected in the fluidity of the services offered.

2. Google Cloud Functions released as a public beta

Although still in the testing phase, Google has finally opened its serverless application technology, with which it hopes to compete with AWS Lambda, from Amazon, and Azure Functions, from Microsoft.

The Google Cloud Functions service consists of embedding a series of predefined functions in the cloud that developers can call from their respective applications when they need it.

3. Google Cloud Dataprep to make it easy to import data to the cloud

Google Cloud Dataprep will make it much easier for businesses to import data to the cloud by automatically detect data schemas, types and distributions and point the mistakes found.

Additionally, the service uses machine learning algorithms to suggest possible corrections for detected errors.

Google hopes to be able to support this with the Data Migration Service of Amazon Web Services.

4. Redesign Hangouts for G Suite

Google has redesigned Hangouts to suit the business environment. Basically, the application will be divided into two others: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, which will work only with the professional accounts of G Suite, its suite of programs for companies in the cloud, which also offers Gmail, Documents, Drive and Calendar.

Businesses will be able to use the new Hangouts to communicate with their customers or their own remote workers via chat, voice calls or high-definition video, but with some improvements over the previous version.

Among other things, Hangout Meet expand to 30 the number of users that can be connected at the same time in a videoconference and it will automatically display the person who is speaking on the screen at all times.

As for Hangouts Chat, it will allow create different conversation channels in the style of Slack.

Users can also share screen to show slides, documents or pictures. In addition, it will work fully integrated with the other applications in the suite.

Hangouts Meet is now available, both in web and mobile versions, but it is necessary to have a professional G suite account to use it.

As to Hangouts Chat, will be rolled out progressively across G Suite business accounts. Those companies that wish to be among the first to try it can register at this link.

5. Upcoming Jamboard Release

Jamboard is another add-on to your G Suite, but in this case it is a piece of hardware: a 55 inch touch screen digital whiteboard, specially designed to facilitate real-time collaboration in meetings, either in an office or by videoconference.

He launching of the product, announced in October 2020, is planned for 2020 and, according to some rumors, it could come before summer. Those who are interested can now register to be notified as soon as it goes on sale.

6. Automatic discounts for repeat users

Google will apply a discount to users who have continued use of Google Cloud. However, the great novelty compared to the services of the competition is that the discount, which could reach 20%, will be done completely automatically, without the need for the user to request it.

Source: InformationWeek

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