Leo And Libra Compatibility

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Leo and Libra. Fire + Air

The tasty concoction of Libra, the Balance, and Leo, the Lion, is exquisite. Libra is the focal point of elegance in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensual pleasure, Libra seeks a relationship with fervent fascination. Libra lives for love and style. Leo is fearless, bright and very lively. They have a very high level of compatibility.

Leo's positive and encouraging optimism makes, that there is a lot of fun around you. Leo loves to be the center of attention, but he is also a great actor and has a strong heart of heart, seasoned with generosity and a hint of self-centeredness. Libra can add some creative scents to the mix, adding style and oomph


Leo loves Libra's artistic, graceful, and calm pose, and Libra is fascinated by Leo's zest for life and confident air of command.. Libra's playful and imaginative approach to love blends seamlessly with Leo's zest and energy.

They are both very romantic and the sexual harmony will be delicious. Leo's intrepid sensuality sets the Scale on fire, so the temperature in the room will be very very high. The tolerant Libra seeks to please and sees sex as an art in which both of you naturally excel. However, creating the right environment for love is very important, and a failure on the part of Leo will probably lead to a rapid, if decorous, withdrawal from Libra.

Ruled by the sultry Venus, the Goddess of love, pleasure, and art, Libra tends to focus more on beauty, harmony, and balance. TOBoth share a love for luxury, party and for creating a beautiful home. However, the sense of social justice is strong, so both can form a great team, not only to the satisfaction of both, but also for the benefit of many, as Libra is the ideal courtier in the court of Leo. .

Air stimulates Fire and helps it to grow and develop. Libra is an Air sign and Leo is a Fire sign, so the relationship will be very dynamic and it can take Leo to places he had only dreamed of before. Leo imagines that he is the guiding light on this journey, but Libra seems to hold the reins, albeit with a light and soft touch. The energy of the two is mutually stimulating and Libra is smart enough to give Leo a lot of freedom and independence, giving him room for maneuver.

The creative Libra, a Cardinal Sign, will contribute quickly new ideas and new places to go, but just as quickly you will change your focus and point in a new direction. Leo's willpower and confidence is what Libra needs to stabilize that never-ending need to weigh things before finally making a firm decision.

The two of you will enjoy each other and appreciate each other. This invigorating and satisfying combination is a perfect match.

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Tips to make it work
Leo will have to tone down the possessive attitude, which he so easily gives off so as not to scare Libra. And Libra will have to be patient with some of the Lion's roars.

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