Why does a black line appear on the abdomen during pregnancy?

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What is the black line that appears on the belly during pregnancy?

One of these changes that usually appears in pregnancy and that arouses great curiosity is the black line that appears in the middle of the belly and that usually appears around the second trimester of pregnancy.

We will tell you why that dark line appears and what effects it can have.

Between the navel and the pelvis there is a fibrous structure known as dawn line, it is an almost imperceptible white line. With pregnancy, hormones cause this linea alba to hyperpiginate and acquire a darker hue. It is the same that happens with the areolas of the nipples, which also darken with pregnancy.

Why does the black line appear?

The black line appears in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. He increased estrogens that occurs during the pregnancy causes an increase in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of our skin, which is causes thehyperpigmentation that makes that area darker.

In fair-skinned women, the change in pigmentation may not be as apparent as in darker-skinned women. In general, darker skinned women are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

Does the black line have any meaning?

There are those who affirm that if the line ends at the navel of the woman this is going to have a girl, but if the line still in the lower part of the rib cage, the woman is going to have a boy. But these assumptions are myths that have no scientific basis, the only thing that the black line indicates is that there are changes in the hormonal levels associated with pregnancy.

Does the black line disappear?

Over time, yes. The black line will disappear after delivery, but disappears very slowly, especially during breastfeeding. But then you have to be careful when sunbathing because exposure to the sun can cause that once the black line has disappeared it will darken again.

Can the formation of the black line be prevented?

There is nothing you can do to prevent it from occurring, hyperpegmentation is a natural process of the skin and is inevitable, if it is aesthetically annoying you can try to hide it with makeup but never in any case use whitening creams.

It is also convenient Avoid the direct exposure to the sun, especially on the abdomen and use sunscreen with a high protection factor.

The use of folic acid is another way of control the change in skin pigmentation.

Folic acid is found in many foods, such as wheat, asparagus, spinach or orange juice, it seems that it can reduce the black line significantly, although not completely.

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