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The sign Leo He is generous, creative, faithful in organization, yet can tend to be a bit bossy.

On this page we tell you more about Leo, personality of the sign, compatibility with other horoscopes, the secrets to conquer them, their virtues and strengths, their weaknesses, what to give to an Aquarius, what are their symbols ...


The symbol of Leo is the Sun and is represented by a lion, the king of the jungle. Rrepresented strength, creativity, generosity, grandeur, and dominance over all things. Leo is a symbol that belongs to the Fire element, which shows his energetic, brave and devastating temperament.

Are considered I read those born between 07/23 - 08/22

Characteristics of Leo

Leos have astrong and diplomatic personality at the same time.

A Leo isnice and very sociable. He is honest, generous, creative, a good organizer, and a diplomat. A Leo is independent and adventurous. Have fun for him, he is good friends with his friends, he is responsible, generous, authoritative and self-confident ... If you want to know more about Leo's personality, click on this link.


Leo is a passionate, faithful, romantic sign while the other is with him, he likes to help and is understanding. He tends to get along with almost everyone, but if there is someone, who does not like him, he simply ignores him, because he is not interested.

See the Compatibility of Leo with the other signs of the zodiac

How to win Leo

Leo is a great conqueror and seducer. To make him fall in love or seduce him, you have to impact him and you should know that he falls in love and disappoints very easily. Everything you need to know about how to conquer a Leo man or woman

How is Leo in sex

Leo is passionate, fiery, romantic and radiates sexual energy. For this sign it is important to share hobbies, the treatment must be exquisite and the compatibility high ... more information about Leo and sex

What to give a Leo

What to give to a friend, family member or partner if your sign is Leo ... see more gifts for Leo

Leo symbols

As we have commented, its element is Fire, but there are more symbols that characterize Leo

Famous characters that are Leo:

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Penn, Magic Johnson, Neil Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Pete Sampras, Steve Martin, Napoleón Bonaparte, Ben Affleck, Mae West, Robert Redford, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Patrick Swayze.

Annual horoscope for the sign Leo

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  • Leo 2020
  • Leo 2020
  • Leo 2020
  • Leo 2020
  • Leo 2014
  • Leo 2013
  • Leo 2012
  • Leo 2011
  • Leo 2010
  • Leo 2009
  • Leo 2008
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  • Leo 2006
  • Leo 2005

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