Pregnant in Autumn: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The leaves begin to fall and the temperatures drop, but fall is still a great time to be pregnant.

Do you want to know some of the pros and cons of being pregnant in the fall?

Disadvantages of an autumn pregnancy.

  • You may need to buy larger outerwear.

The growth of your belly will probably make your usual winter coat useless, so plan to buy a coat with room for two.

  • You're going to be pregnant in the middle of cold and flu season.

The pregnancy weakens the immune system, which means that you will be more susceptible to diseases. Be sure to ask your doctor about getting a flu shot.

To avoid possible infections, it is important to pay special attention to washing hands with soap and water (or an antibacterial gel) after using the bathroom or at any time that they come into contact with surfaces that are especially full of germs such as shopping carts or ATM keyboards.

  • You will be more likely to slip and fall.

Your growing belly can make lose your balance more easily and now that the first frosts begin, it is more likely that you can slip and end up falling.

Advantages of a pregnancy in autumn.

  • You will not be pregnant during the hottest months.

When the summer months arrive, you will have your new baby in your arms instead of in your belly.

  • You won't be so cold when winter comes.

You may not need your outerwear as quickly this winter. The hormonal change and weight gain that occurs as the pregnancy progresses, makes many future moms not so cold.

  • More rest.

If you have older children, going back to school will allow you to focus a little more on yourself and your pregnancy.

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