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Meaning of: Dreaming of death or the dead or deceased

The interpretation of this fairly common dream depends on the emotional content. If you wake up with a real terrible feeling, it may be that you have felt someone's passing. This happens to sensitive people. If this dream is recurrent, it may be a symptom of a disorder that experts point out, attention should be paid to it.

In old people This dream helps them prepare for their own death. However, if the dream occurs without fear or worry, it represents a release from current worries and means the opposite of dying - a healing or rebirth is about to occur in your life.

Dream about the death of a love

  • It means that you lack certain aspects or qualities that your love or partner has. Look at what characteristics this person has or what you like the most about him / her. You miss certain things in your relationship. On the other hand, it represents, whatever that person has, it is no longer part of you.

Dreaming that a deceased father or deceased mother is alive

  • It is a very bad omen. It brings bad luck.

Dream about the death of your parents

  • It means that a very significant change is taking place in your life. His relationship with his parents has evolved into a new world.

Dreaming that you see and talk to your dead parents

  • It represents your fears of losing them or your way of facing your loss. The dream is warning you of the possibility of your loss and it serves as your last chance to redirect your relationship with them and tell them everything that you have always wanted to tell them and have not dared. It is also an opportunity to say goodbye to them.

Dreaming that you see your dead sister, or a relative or a good friend

  • It means that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences with them. These types of dreams help you face the death of your partner or the loss of your love.

Dream of your own death

  • It means that you are in a transition phase in your life. You are becoming a more spiritual person. You are also desperately trying to escape the demands of your life.

Dreaming that you are faking your death

  • It means you are looking to start over. You need a change in your life.

Dream of seeing a dead person

  • It announces to you that you are being badly influenced by negative people and that you are going astray. This dream also helps you to be clear that a relationship is completely over. On the other hand, the dream symbolizes material losses.

Dreaming of someone who has died and is alive in your dream

  • It can be a way of trying to resolve your feelings for them.

If you dream of an acquaintance, who is long dead

  • It means that there is something in your current life or current relationship that looks like a facet of the dead person.

If in the dream you talk to them

  • It means that you are afraid you have lost them and are looking for a way to learn to live life without them. Maybe you need a chance to say goodbye to them. They say that the messages transmitted to us by the dead are very important, because they never lie and can tell us important things or warn us about impending dangers.

If you dream of a dead friend

  • It means that you are missing him and your subconscious tries to relive experiences that you lived with him or her. When trying to carry on with your daily life normally, these dreams about deceased people represent the only way out you have to face the loss or death of a loved one.

If he dreamed that his deceased parents were resurrected

  • It is a very good omen, they announce moments of happiness, joy ...

If you are married and dream about the death of your wife / husband

  • It's bad, it portends ruin in your business.

If you dream that the dead come out of their graves and start eating and drinkingr

  • It is a very bad omen, as it is telling you that a lean season is approaching in your life. Surely, he will suffer hardship and strong money problems.

If you are a person in good health and you dream that you die suddenly

  • It lengthens your life.

If in your dream you meet a dead man

  • Announces an important inflow of money.

If I had a sinister meal with a dead

  • It is a very good omen, as it announces a long life.

Dreaming of the death of a child

  • As horrible as the idea may sound, it bodes well, as it means that you will be able to avoid a danger or accident; and also, that he will know how to beat an enemy.

If the one who dies is a daughter

  • It is a bad omen, since it announces a very great misfortune or annoyance, which you cannot avoid.

Dreaming of people who died a long time ago

  • It indicates that the person who is by your side currently, is very similar to the deceased with whom you dream. The dream advises you to leave that person, because it does not suit you.

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