How to reduce nausea during pregnancy

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How can I relieve nausea during my pregnancy?

It is a question that many pregnant women ask themselves and here we collect some remedies against morning sickness.

These morning sickness usually occur especially during the first three months of pregnancy. Here are some tips to minimize nausea.

Get enough rest

Make sure you get a good night's sleep and, if possible, nap during the day after eating.

Get up slowly

Don't be in a rush to get out of bed when you wake up. Take your time.

Have some cookies or crackers on hand

For many pregnant women, having a cookie or donut before getting up helps to ease the feeling of nausea.

Avoid certain types of foods

Avoid fatty and / or spicy foods. Also avoid caffeine. Listen to your senses that, during pregnancy, guide us better than ever. If the smell of a food or drink is unpleasant, do not take it.

Take smaller portions of food

It is important to always have some type of food in the stomach, as this will reduce the chances of experiencing nausea; if it is done, the most common symptoms will be milder.

Avoid flickering your computer monitor

The rapid, almost imperceptible flickering of your computer screen can cause morning sickness. Try to use it as little as possible, and when you can't help it, adjust the screen by enlarging the font size and making it bold, and change the background color to pink or light brown.

Physical activity

Some mothers may find it difficult to move if they are unwell. However, physical activity has been found to improve symptoms in many people. It is not necessary (nor is it advisable) to carry out rough exercises, but a walk a day for example.

Fluid intake

Staying hydrated is essential for good health and is very important during pregnancy. The more dehydrated they are, the more nausea they will have.


For many years, ginger has been touted as a heartburn reliever, and studies have shown that it can help relieve nausea symptoms. Infusing it with water and a slice of raw ginger can help calm your stomach.

Keep your mind busy

It is important to try not to think about the feeling of nausea. Reading a book, doing a puzzle, watching TV, playing cards, or going for short walks clears your mind and helps you relax.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Tight clothing can exacerbate symptoms of morning sickness. Studies have found that nauseated pregnant mothers who changed from tight clothing to looser ones had their symptoms reduced or disappeared entirely.

Vitamins or iron

If your doctor has prescribed vitamins or iron and you feel nauseous after taking it, consult with him or her to see if it is possible to switch to another type, easier to digest.

Breathe in fresh aromas

Morning sickness of pregnancy is closely associated with smell; the pregnant mother becomes more sensitive to smells. Certain unpleasant odors, odors that cannot be escaped, and strong odors such as perfume, can trigger an unpleasant episode of nausea. The most effective scents against nausea are usually lemon, rosemary and lavender.

Other factors

There are several triggers that can cause an episode of nausea and a general feeling of being unwell. Most people will soon identify what they are. Make a diary to remember the foods and drinks you take during the day, and check it each time you suffer a more severe episode of morning sickness than usual. Try to avoid those foods that seem to make nausea worse as much as possible.

Nausea and vomiting can sometimes be caused by acid reflux. Taking antacid medications before bed can help reduce stomach acid levels and subsequent morning sickness. Check with a doctor before buying any medications during pregnancy.

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