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The predominant element in the bathroom is the water symbol of money. Every time the bathroom is used, large amounts of water go down the pipes and with it our finances, time, projects, etc.

The fundamental function of the bathroom is to evacuate organic waste, but its location and the various appliances that make it up can reduce the flow of Chi energy within the house.

Keep the toilet lid closed; some choose to also cover all the drains. And when you drain the toilet, do it with the lid down, otherwise you will see how luck and money go.

Feng Shui bathroom features:


The least favorable orientations are in front of the front door, near the staircase, kitchen or dining room. It must be large enough to move comfortably, artifacts and paint must be light-colored and not cluttered with clutter.

Water location:

The best location for the toilet is behind the door or in a place that cannot be seen from the entrance, thus reducing the negative effect of the drain. When you find leaks or leaks, you must repair immediately, because this situation stagnates the Chi. If the toilet is seen from the door you can counteract its effect by hanging glass curtains from the ceiling.

The bathroom should invite relaxation, use few ornaments, clean-lined furniture, if possible natural lighting, mirrors have a positive effect in bathrooms.

The soft pastel colors are the most suitable, you can apply them on the shower curtain or shower curtain. The blue color is the one that is best associated with the water element, it encourages the flow of Chi and protects from problems in the pipes.

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