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What to see and visit in Tenerife?

- ElCarnaval Santa Cruz de Tenerife: click here.

- Corpus Christi: in May or June in La Orotava, flower carpets are made in the streets and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is strewn with sand figures. Is awesome!

- Virgin of Candelaria: she is the patron saint of the Canary Islands, her holiday is February 2. Every year pilgrimages are made to its Basilica located in the town of Candelaria.

- Virgin of the Remedies: She is the patron saint of Santa Cruz de T. and every year on August 15th they celebrate their patron saint.

- Festival of the Great Power and the Virgen del Carmen: July 16. That day the Virgin of Carmen, together with San Telmo, go out in procession through the fishermen's neighborhood. At the same time, the Christ of the Great Power goes out in procession through the stately streets of Porto. The 2 meet at the port and embark together, and then return to their church. This year it will take place on July 17th.

- Fiesta del Sol or San Juan: June 24, in Puerto de la Cruz. In Playa Charcón and Playa del Muelle, the goatherds await the sunrise and the entrance of the summer solstice. They distribute cheese and milk and have fun. There is music and dancing.

- Feast of Saint Andrew or the pots or the chestnut: November 29, in Puerto de la Cruz. In the Plaza delCharco they meet, to throw dishes or pots and eat chestnuts, gofio, sweet potatoes and wine. And have fun.

- Foundational Party: May 3, in Puerto de la Cruz. There is a mass and a procession of the Cruz de Plata (co-patron) and the Virgin of Our Lady of the Rock of France.

- Descent of the Virgin of the Snows: in July every 5 years, now it's 2010, you go down to the virgin of the mountain to Santa Cruz.

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