Marinas in Seville

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The Guadalquivir, the views of the Giralda when approaching the city or the Torre del Oro make this port a destination of the most demanded. Life around the Guadalquivir river "has a special color."

Below you can see more information about the ports of Seville, both from the marina and the Nautical Club.

Gelvés Marina

  • Address and telephone: Autovía Sevilla-Coria, km 3.5, Municipality: Gelves CP 41120.Tel .: 955 76 12 12, Fax: 955 76 15 83
  • Moorings / Rent: 220 + 86 No service, all for rent
  • Position: latitude: 37º 20´ 37´´N - longitude: 006º 01´ 38´´W
  • Boat:length max. 16 mts.
  • Draws: entrance 3 meters.
  • Services:Captaincy, information, Office Directorate, Seamanship, Security control, Diver service, Water and electricity in all moorings, Waiting dock, Security service coordinated with the local police and the civil guard, 24 hour surveillance, Closed TV circuit. Security gates in the pontoons, Ice and daily supplies, Varadero. 25 TM Travel Lift, National Police, S. Marítimo, Civil Guard, Permanent Maritime Service, Public Address, Fuel supply Gasoline, diesel, oil, etc. Radio, VHF channels 9 and 16, Daily weather information, Telephone and Fax, Tow service , Fire service, E-mail service, Mail service, Washing machine, Garbage collection.
  • Web / / [email protected]

Port of the Nautical Club of Seville

  • Address and telephone: Avda / Sanlúcarde, 41012 Seville. Tel .: 954 45 47 77, Fax: 954 28 46 93
  • Moorings / Rent:100 / depending on season
  • Position:latitude: 37 ° 22´N - longitude: 5 ° 59´05 "W
  • Boat:max length from 4 to 30 mts.
  • Draws:Bocana: Rio Guadalquivir
    Darsena: 2 - 4 m.
  • Services: Water, electricity, VHF Radio CH9 - 16,, Varadero up to 10 meters. length, Workshop, Travelift, Fuel, parking, taxis, bar, ice, car rental, telephone, WC, showers, dinghy ramp, oil and garbage collection, waiting dock, captaincy, fire service.
    School of sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, Repair, maintenance and supplies for yachts.
  • Web / E-mail:[email protected] /

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