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The best restaurants in Ibiza.

According to the best food and restaurant guides, the best restaurants in Ibiza are thefollowing (click on name of restaurant for detailed information on location, chefsand recommended dishes:

Restaurantsin Ibiza
Restaurantsin Ibiza capital
  • Ca n'Alfredo (PaseoVara del Rey, 16, Tel: 971 311 274) good traditional Ibizan cuisine;
  • S'Ametller (Pere Francès, 12, Tel: 971 311 780), Some vegetariandishes and other typical dishes from Ibiza;
  • The Cigarral (Fray Vicente Nicolás, 9, Tel: 971 311 246) good cuisine from Toledo;
  • Hostal La Marina (C / Barcelona, ​​7, Tel: 971 310 172) Traditional Ibizan cuisine- great views;
  • The palace (c / CONquista, 2, Tel: 971 301478)
Restaurantsin other villages around the island of Ibiza
  • Cana Joana (in SantJosep de Sa Talaià, Ctra. Ibiza a Sant José, Km.10, Tel: 971 800158) traditional Ibizan cuisine;
  • AmaLur (in Santa Gertrudis, Ctra. Sant Miquel, Km. 2'3, Tel: 971 314554) very good classic cuisine;
  • Sa Capella, in San Antonio (Ctra. Can Germà, Tel: 971 34 00 57) recommended for its use of good regionalproduce;
  • Doña Margarita in Santa Eulalia (PºMarítimo, Tel: 971 33 06 55) seafood and fish;
  • Ca'n Pau in Santa Gertrudis (Ctra. San Miguel, Km.2'800) Ibizan cuisine.

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