How to make a heart shaped envelope

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About heart

This homemade love card is very original. When you open the envelope, the card turns into a heart that contains a message or phrase of love, friendship ...

To make this Valentine's Day craft we need decorated paper for crafts (we have used paper decorated with hearts) and also some templates that you can download below with the heart shape already drawn.

Make the heart-shaped envelope card step by step:

  • Draw a heart on the back of the decorated paper and cut it out or download the heart-shaped templates
  • Write your Valentine's message or phrase
  • Fold the sides of the heart in half
  • Make a small crease in each corner of the folded sides
  • Fold both ends of the heart in
  • Fold the paper in half, you will have the peak at the bottom of the heart. Flip it over and seal the envelope with a rubber band or sticker

Video tutorial on how to make a heart envelope

Templates to download and make the heart envelope

You can download the heart template by clicking on the image below or on the link below.

Video: Origami: Heart Box u0026 Envelope @Easy Origami u0026 Crafts


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