Nanotechnology and alternative energies

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NanoMarkets has just published a new study on the impact of nanotechnology on energy technologies. It is entitled “How Nanotechnology is Changing the Energy Equation” (How Nanotechnology is Transforming the Energy Equation).

The publication is part of a research work carried out by NanoMarkets on the emerging alternative energy sector, and deals with topics such as fossil fuels, nanocatalysts, solar energy, fuel cells, wind energy, biomass and geothermal energy.

The report concludes that nanotechnology already plays a role in all the energy technologies of major interest, and will dramatically transform the world energy picture. In the authors' opinion, nanotechnology will bring great improvements in the quality of life of those people who currently lack reliable access to a stable type of energy. Likewise, nanotechnology will help solve problems related to the storage, generation and transmission of energy, creating new power sources that will lower its effective cost per kilowatt and / or make possible an improvement in productivity.

Nanomarkets believes that nanotechnology in emerging alternative energy markets offers possibilities for potential investors albeit with the same level of risk as other types of investments in the alternative energy sector.

To access a copy of the work (in pdf) click here.

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