Scratches on wood

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Scratches in the wood make our doors, tables, chairs, etc., look very deteriorated, when in some cases they are practically new. There are various tricks that will allow us to repair or hide these scratches.

Other tricks against scratches

Depending on the wood surface (eg floors), plasticine also works well, softening it a little before applying it and adding lacquer.

When there are gaps in the joints of a parquet, for example, prepare a mixture with white glue for wood with a little sawdust ...

If the wood is of quality and we want to obtain good results, we must resort to the many products on the market. From the politus to the wax stick of the same or very similar color. It is modeled with the fingers, and the scratches are filled in, finally it is pressed on it with a wooden spatula, removing the remains.

Hide scratches on wood

To try to hide scratches on a door or table (or any wooden surface), a classic remedy usually works very well: a little toothpaste mixed with olive oil. This mixture is applied on the scratches and the damage is concealed. This home remedy is the best known.

Politus and scratches

The Politus can also give very good results. With this products we proceed as follows:

  • Dust the wood. If the scratches are deep, the holes must first be covered with a wax of a similar color.
  • Apply the politus on the wood or wooden furniture in the area of ​​the scratches.
  • Rub well with a cotton cloth until a homogeneous surface is achieved.

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